Cash Lansky – Man Of The House [EP]

Tucson, Arizona based rapper Cash Lansky has just released his new project, “Man Of The House”.

Never compromise artistic integrity, and always carry your dignity wherever you go. Representing the Southwest, Cash Lansky originates from the arid landscapes of Tucson, Arizona, just a stone’s throw from the Mexican border. His journey unfolds amidst familial bonds, personal trials, profound growth, and the premature shouldering of responsibilities familiar to too many young men — that of assuming the role of household provider at a tender age. With wisdom surpassing his years, Cash matured swiftly.

This album serves as a poignant testament to his introspection on life’s trials, encapsulating the profound lessons and narratives that underpin great artistry. A seasoned performer and esteemed figure within Arizona’s hip-hop scene and the broader Southwest cultural landscape, Cash Lansky makes his independent label debut with Mello Music Group on this album, produced by T-Wade and Mario Luciano (the latter known for his contributions to acclaimed tracks like Drake’s “8am in Charlotte” and J. Cole’s “Punchin’.the.clock”). The record’s mixing is overseen by the venerable Willie Green.

You can stream the 7-track offering in its entirety below.

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