Freeway Uses “Free Will” To Fight Back Against Kidney Failure + Scholito Kicks A Crazy Freestyle [Video]

Sometimes in life you’re dealt an unfortunate card, it’s what you do after your hand is dealt that speaks to your true character. After being diagnosed with kidney failure last year, Freeway has turned his life around to battle this disease head on. With his new album “Free Will” hitting stores today, April 29th, Freeway joins Sway in the Morning to speak on his recent health changes. Admitting that he wasn’t taking care of himself other than taking medication after finding out he was at risk for kidney failure in 2012, Freeway is making important life choices that are helping him get better every day. Awarded with a patient advocacy award on March 10th Freeway opens up about his work with the National Kidney Foundation, helping with awareness walks and simply spreading the word. During the discussion Heather B brings up the issue of healthcare as Freeway explains why is is setting up rallies and endorsing Bernie Sanders for President. Coming up in Philly Freeway was involved in criminal activity, a product of his environment that he raps about on his first album with the song “Victim Of The Ghetto.” Turning things around and realizing the hurt he caused others Freeway is spreading positivity now in any way possible from a smile to a daily tweet. Before leaving the show Freeway introduced Scholito who takes the mic and sets it on fire! Letting Freeway spit a few bars, Scholito takes over and kicks a nearly 5 minute freestyle, a truly

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