Cash Lansky feat. T-Wade – Nothing Less Nothing More [Video]

Cash Lansky has returned with a new music video for “Nothing Less Nothing More” featuring T-Wade.

The song is a compelling anthem advocating for fair recognition and challenging systemic biases against Black people. It is a powerful call for equality and self-empowerment through music.

Cash Lansky, a proud representative of the Southwest, comes from the deserts of Tucson, Arizona, close to the southern border. His journey is marked by family struggles, personal growth, and the burden of becoming the Man of the House at a young age, a role many young boys are forced into. With wisdom beyond his years, Cash matured quickly. This record is a deeply personal reflection of his life, filled with lessons and stories that transform into profound art. Always prioritize your art and never compromise your self-respect.

Taken from his “Man Of The House” project, the clip can be seen below.

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