Vic Spencer – Raekwon Wine Time [Video]

Vic Spencer returns with “Raekwon Wine Time”.

Vic Spencer threw down a real street-style bash for his 42nd birthday. When the party was already buzzing with tipsy guests, APJ, the director, showed up right on time. He was there to capture the gritty essence of the track “Raekwon Wine”, the lead single from the upcoming “Psychological Cheat Sheet 4” album, entirely produced by August Fanon, which is set to drop everywhere on October 20. It’s worth noting that the wine of choice at the party was Licataa, a bottle backed by the one and only Wu-Tang legend Raekwon. And for Vic, this ain’t just any wine – he’s been sipping on that Raekwon Wine faithfully for three years straight.

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