Maxo – Debbie’s Son [Album Stream]

In the early part of 2023, Maxo, a talented artist from Southern California, dropped his sophomore LP, “Even God Finds Humor“.

Instead of observing a four-year gap between releases (considering that his previous album, “Lil Big Man“, was released in 2019), the musician makes a quick return just a few months later with “Debbie’s Son”.

Says Maxo:

“Skin sheds to reveal a version of me yet seen. Trials, tribulations, realizations. Everything contributed to the human. An attempt to not become my reactions. An attempt to retract to my purest form. Who is Maxo? When nothing else matters? Love sharing the same coin as hate. Can’t go backwards. Embracing what’s to come. New blessings. Can’t keep extending myself for what does not love me, for me. No more superficial friendships or conversations. Getting rid of everything just to see what’s genuinely here for me.”

Featuring ten tracks and collaborative contributions from Alchemist, Beat Butcha, Zelooperz, and more, “Debbie’s Son” is available for streaming below.

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