The Jazz Hop Café – A Hero’s Kingdom [Beat Tape]

The Jazz Hop Café returns with a new instrumental project for our listening pleasure, “A Hero’s Kingdom”

The 18-track project is inspired by the newly released Nintendo Switch video game, “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom”. It features beats from Trix., WYS, Weissa G, Nentiuq, møndberg, Grisp, HoKø, David Erick Ramos, Lily Island, MoonEra, Lazy Elias, Jom Bee, Handel, eva gomi tenshi, Joshua Hoe, havfaith, Fugee, Lucie Cravero, and last but not least, bace.

Take a listen below and pick up a copy on Bandcamp, if you like what you hear.

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