Cashus King feat. Jeff Johnson II, Godbody Science & Solomon Hillfleet – HBCU (Morehouse Mix) [Audio]

Cashus King recruits Jeff Johnson II, Godbody Science and Solomon Hillfleet for his new offering, “HBCU (Morehouse Mix)”.

I never attended college or a university, unless two semesters at El Camino junior college counts. Even without the lived experience of college life, I still have the utmost reverence and admiration for the rich history that accompanies each college and university under the HBCU banner. When predominantly white colleges and universities excluded people of color, there were HBCUs there to provide the higher education that mainstream schools denied our people. Jeff, Solomon, and GodBodyScience give the HBCU (Morehouse Mix) the depth and credibility that only three HBCU graduates could provide. HBCUs provide more than just education for many black Americans, they provide a motherland for a stolen people deprived of their direct lineage to Africa.

Press play below and head over to Bandcamp for a (name your price) download.

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