Ill Bill feat. Lord Goat & Sabac Red – Watch The City Burn [Audio]

Ill Bill taps Lord Goat and Sabac Red for his latest offering, “Watch The City Burn”.

It’s been 16 years since Non Phixion recorded together. A lot has changed since then. Then again, a lot has remained the same. Non Phixion always spoke out against police brutality and injustice. It seems that everything has come to a head in 2020 and so it’s time to hear from the crew once again. As the first leak from Ill Bill’s upcoming solo album “La Bella Medusa”, we find Ill Bill reunited with Goretex (now Lord Goat) and Sabac Red to discuss the climate of today’s world on the DJ Skizz produced “Watch The City Burn”.

Press play below.

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