Car Test w/ Ari Lennox [Video]

Elliott Wilson meets Ari Lennox in D.C. to run through her critically acclaimed 2019 release “Shea Butter Baby“.

Watch below.

We all need that girl in our gang that will have your back no matter what. Ari Lennox is that bestie, that will be your ride or die. She is incredibly sweet, talented, smart, funny and taking no L’s from any dickheads. That includes legends like Producer Jermaine Dupri, who decided to trash female rappers recently in an interview for all doing the same thing and rapping about dancing in clubs. Ari alongside Cardi B and Doja Cat spoke out and were right to. I caught up with Ari while she was in London and we spoke about her stunning new album ‘Shea Butter Baby’ J Cole, Love, dogs and once being a Uber driver. It was such a fun honest chat, she was adorable

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