Nickelus F – The Gold Mine Vol. 1 [Album Stream]

Richmond, Virginia emcee Nickelus F is back in action with his new project, “The Gold Mine Vol. 1”.

I’m a terrible hoarder of my music. I am historically guilty of recording entire albums and hiding them inside of folders that are hidden inside of other folders, and they never see the light of day.  Sometimes I record glorified references and never return to complete the song. I just keep creating and all those sparks of inspiration fall deeper and deeper in to Hard Drive Purgatory! Sad thing is these are all songs that I love and have listened to for years in my daily life. I might share some of them with a few of my closest friends and kids but that’s about it. I feel guilty about it though, it feels wrong continuing to record and drop new music when I have so much music doing nothing but sitting! So take a listen to my untold stories, my imperfect takes, some shakey mixes, my growing pains as an artist, and some true hidden gems.

Stream the 12-track effort below and keep scrolling for the video to “Damn Shaw”.

This is a video that has been sitting in the vault for a few years before finally being released to YouTube. Enjoy.

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