Kyle Rapps – Fiction [Audio x Download]

Never one to color inside the genre lines, Mexico City-residing artist Kyle Rapps continues pushing the boundaries of Hip-Hop with his wavy and experimental new single, “Fiction,” which serves as the fist leak off his forthcoming self-produced project, ‘Perverse Ramblings.’

Much like his previous single, last summer’s Belief-produced “Michigan,” there’s a catchiness to the madness being spun by Rapps. As he chronicles his sexual exploits over the years—and be prepared, there are many, both good and bad—he also weaves together a sing-along hook where the repeated line of, “Everything is fiction,” is bound to get stuck in listeners’ heads.

But there’s more to “Fiction” than its regaling of tales of dirty deeds. As entertaining as those portions of the track may be, it also boasts clever references to classic shows like ‘Perfect Strangers’ and ‘Seinfeld’ amidst reflections on dreams of playing in the NHL. Above all else, this is the first time that Rapps has done more than, well, rap on his own track. He produced the entirety of “Fiction,” which boasts snarling synthesizers and ill percussion—a combination he’s slayed in the past but not one he’s done on his own.

“Fiction” is now available through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms, and can be downloaded au-gratis, courtesy of HYPEDDIT.

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