On The Come Up: Your Old Droog [Video]

Your Old Droog has been putting on for the NYC rap scene, which is, if we’re being honest, lacking these days. He hearkens back to a more old school New York sound, and with a voice that can at times be eerily similar to Nas, many thought at first that he WAS Nas. Now that those rumors have been put to rest, the rapper has been stepping into the spotlight only slightly more. We had him visit the office for an episode of On The Come Up, where he speaks on his roots, his EPs and more.

Droog speaks on being into both rock and hip-hop music, and teaching himself to play the guitar. He also reveals when he started making rap songs, after partaking in battles and various cyphers. He goes on to detail some of the support he’s received from OGs in the game and his first show at Webster Hall.

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