iLL Chris feat. Mackned – Eurostep [Audio]


iLL Chris’ latest speaker-punishing banger, “Eurostep,” is the new anthem for anyone tired of lames, fakes, and phonies tryin’ to bring that bullsh*t when they probably know better. It’s also the third leak off his upcoming project, ‘Honor Thy Father.’ Joined by fellow Seattle rapper Mackned on the hook, Chris utilizes Young Forever’s huge instrumental to his advantage in more ways than one (similar to what we heard on previous drop “Look At My Stats.”

Chris isn’t afraid to switch up his flow, which he does deftly here, and offer some worldly advice for his listeners: when anyone crosses you, just give ‘em the Eurostep like Ginobili. For the non-sports fans reading this, that’s a reference to San Antonio Spurs shooting guard Manu Ginobili (do your googles!). Speaking of, try keeping up with these bars: “Manu Ginobili, I’m outtie like I’m Kobe/ Matter fact I’m outtie like a f*ckin’ Audi/ Rowdy, rowdy, ‘bout it, ‘bout it/ ‘Bout to pipe her like I’m Rowdy Roddy.”

iLL Chris’ ‘Honor They Father’ LP is due out this March…stay tuned!

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