Marley Marl, DJ Kevy Kev, Pete Rock & DJ Premier On Rap Is Outta Control [Video]

In Control was a radio show on 107.5 WBLS hosted by Marley Marl with DJs Kevy Kev, Clark Kent, and Pete Rock. The show was the successor of Rap Attack with the late Mr. Magic, where Marley Marl was the DJ. In Control ran from 1989-1990 and played a major role in breaking new rap songs on New York City radio. At the end of 2015, DJ Eclipse organized an In Control reunion show with Marley Marl, DJ Kevy Kev, Pete Rock, and DJ Premier. In this video interview, the DJs share old memories and laugh about funny stories they remember from over 25 years ago. Check it out and please share!

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