Joey Fatts Talks Growing Up In Gang Culture & Losing Friends [Video]

Joey Fatts is gaining respect for his musical accomplishments. Before that, he earned respect from the streets while growing up in Long Beach, California. This VladTV exclusive details Fatts’ experience with gang life. He talks notable hometown Crips, joining a gang, and surviving gang violence. When asked about famous Long Beach Crips, Joey quickly brought up artists like Snoop and Tray Deee. Fatts emphasizes, “There’s no Bloods neighborhoods in Long Beach at all. There’s no such thing as a Bloods neighborhood. You got 20 Crips, you got where I’m from 2N’s Crips… The list goes on; it’s endless.” Fatts discloses that the Rolling 20’s and the Insanes are the largest sets of Crips. The “Keep It G” rapper/producer goes on to share how his family is tied to gang life. His parents, well-versed in Compton gang life, moved the family to Long Beach to try and escape its reach. It didn’t work. Joey reveals, “I started gang banging in the summer of ’99. I was 7 going on 8.” Still repping the 2N’s Crips, Fatts quips, “Gang banging was a lot different back then. How it is now is all f***ed up and watered down. There’s a lot of n****s that don’t know what they’re doing.” Finally, the emerging rapper speaks on the streets’ consuming effects. Six close friends of Fatts’ were claimed by colors. “I lost my best friend when I was 16… I was depressed for a minute,” Joey says.

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