SESSIONS: Jarren Benton’s “Slow Motion” [Video]

If there is one thing that the city of Atlanta never seems to lack, it is a dearth of great artists. That doesn’t change when it comes to the likes of Jarren Benton. The former XXL freshman, who won the people’s champion vote and became the oldest member of the illustrious group to appear on the magazine’s annual cover, returned early this year with a brand new album called Slow Motion. The album was created and dedicated in memory of his fallen friend and manager, Jahmal “Slow Motion” Pryor. “That was like my brother, man. He was my manager as well. He passed away a little over a year [ago] man, so the process of making music without the homie is f**king weird,” Benton told STASHED in this exclusive. “I’m now getting back focused, so you know I wanted to dedicate something to cause he was such a good dude. So I wanted to attach his name to something to let the name ring on.” In this interview, the eccentric MC speaks on the making of his latest project as well as the notion that he isn’t your typical Atlanta MC. “It’s easy to see and think [certain music] is from Atlanta, so when you see someone who is not on that s**t, you’ll get the ‘oh, that n*gga is not from Atlanta, he different.’ But in reality, I do sound like a n*gga from Atlanta,” Benton states. “It don’t bother me, but it’s ridiculous though and I think that’s the problem why. I’ll never put the blame on the person who says that I’ll put the blame on the city. Let’s show everything. You would never think Childish Gambino is from Atlanta. We’re from the Eastside. You’d never think B.o.B is from Atlanta. CyHi, Ritz…it’s like all the n*ggas who don’t fit in the little bowl of what the perception is in Atlanta.”

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