Hopsin: “F*ck All This Sh*t. A Lion Doesn’t Give A F*ck What A Trend Is!” [Video]

Exclusive in-depth interview with Hopsin at his studio. Part 4 of this very candid interview starts with Hopsin telling Nick Huff Barili that he is frustrated with the industry and commitments he has as Hopsin, which conflict with him wanting to have a personal life as Marcus. “I need a personal life. I can’t live without a personal life. This is stupid. I’m going to end up shooting myself in the head. This is not healthy for a human to go through this…then I end up being lost.” Hopsin addresses a recent tweet where he talked about being inspired by the movie Avatar. “I love that movie man. Its so pure. That’s how I wish life was…This world is now about money. We are living for money. We are living to make money. Everybody is struggling. We can’t tap in to what it really means to be human…We are learning to be who ever their [ government, Illuminati] idea of what a human being is….Technology has put us in this position to were we don’t know how to be human any more because we are so dependent on technology…Wake up in the morning repeat the cycle again then years go by.” Hop goes on to say that he would love to move to another country and get rid of his material things. “I would love to go camping. Go out in the wild. I would love to take all this bullshit off. And get out of everything. Get away from a f#$%ing car. Get a way from an airplane. This stupid technology…Live in a tree-house that is man made. Eat apples and bananas all day and just drink out of a lake. It would take a while to get use to it but I would eventually get used to it.” Hop adds “You get to a point were you are just like man its too artificial…We are like robots. Our ideas are not even our ideas any more…They are programed in our mind…What we think right or wrong is [just a trend].” “F$%K all this sh#t. A Lion Doesn’t Give A F#$K What A Trend Is!” Hop has a lot more to say about this but you will have to watch interview get the full details cause I am getting tired of typing. Lol.

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