Crew Love: Funk Volume (Hopsin, Dizzy Wright, & Jarren Benton) [Video]

Funk Volume may seem like a cocky bunch after recently issuing a $500,000 rap battle challenge to any and all comers. But during a recent stop by HNHH offices, the FV triad of Hopsin, Dizzy Wright, & Jarren Benton revealed itself to be a band of merry jokesters who get along famously with one another, in large part due to their musical bond.

“Hop is the weird won… Jarren is our crazy friend,” said Wright. “I’m the stoner of the crew.”

“I wouldn’t say I’m crazy, I would say I’m the intelligent one,” responded Benton.

They reflect on early life growing up in their respective cities and considered what it would have been like if they had attended high school together. They then each shared career highlights and described their personal sound.

Hopsin described himself as “just raw,” while Benton characterized his sound as “introspective, outlandish, ignorant, profound… I’m just like a human. Sometimes I want to smack a bitch, sometimes I want to hug a bitch.”

Funk Volume’s 2015 tour will hit 52 cities in 61 days and kick off September 7th in Ventura, CA. Head to to cop a ticket.

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