Raekwon Discusses His Impact On Hip Hop, Comic Books, “OB4CL3” & More [Video]

“I felt like I was getting taught by the teachers before me,” Raekwon reflects on his impact on hip-hop. Safe to say that those teachers would be proud of his status in the game after 20 years and still going strong. From his work with the legendary Wu-Tang to his own solo success, The Chef has had a very prominent career thus far. Five albums (with a sixth, titled F.I.L.A. on the way), a couple mixtapes, a collaborative album with Ghostface and Method Man and respect from all different kinds of rappers, new and old. This is something most rappers look to, dream about and inspire to have. In an exclusive interview with Sermon’s Domain, Raekwon talks about his impact on hip-hop, his favorite freestyles from other artists over his beats, the Wu-Massacre comic book that never happened, the decision to branch out on his sophomore album and more.

If he felt he’d have such an impact on hip-hop (0:10)
His favorite freestyles by other artists over his own beats (1:22)
Why he chose to branch out from Rza and Ghostface on his sophomore album (2:16)
What happened to the comic book that was in the works with the Wu-Massacre album? And if he’d want to do a comic book in the future (3:50)
If he’ll be doing Only Built 4 Cuban Linx III (5:05)

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