Action Bronson – The Symbol (Prod by Alchemist) (Live at Re:Mix Lab, NYC) [Video]

Last night, the sweaty Queens native albanian rapper/chef decided to give his fans a treat at Re:Mix Lab presented by Hyundai and SoundCRTL in New York. Action Bronson wants us “to like this song alot”, “The Symbol”, his upcoming new single produced by hip hop legend Alchemist.

The gathering was in celebration of innovative collaborations between brands, artists, and technology. In the trendy area of The Chelsea Market, Hyundai showcased brand collaborations with major corporations like Mountain Dew, Nike, Adidas, Casio, G Shock, Kaws, Dos Equis, Heineken, Hennesy, and influencers like Ryan Leslie, Kanye West, Jeff Staple, Jeremey Scott in the music, fashion, beer and beverages, and tech industry.
Bamboozle founder/Live Nation senior talent buyer, Christian Mcknight, also spoke at a festival spotlight moderated by Jesse of SoundCTRL.

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