T.Shirt – Rich Hours [Album]

I named the album RICH HOURS because more and more I consider my time here well spent. I heard Cam once talk about his money year, the year everything changes I assume. I haven’t had one yet but there are these days I feel rich. Rich with passion, rich in blessings, in friends, in talent, in love, in motherfucking gall. Just rich.

It’s my first time selling a body of music. RICH HOURS is $3. What you might spend on a good egg & cheese, or a colorful rap album. I picked this price because it’s a little more than a couple bucks and still under let’s say $4. You can buy it from Paypal with any of your bank cards or whatever. I would’ve put it on iTunes like a real rapper but they wanted me to sell it for more money (like $8) or put less tracks. I decided to settle for neither. I hope you respect my decision and you’re still happy to support. If not, all good (eh not really), but I hope to catch you on the next one.

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