Mr. Muthafuckin’ Exquire Interview w/ itstheBino [Video]

Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire stepped into the dark venue at Public Assembly, commanding everyone’s attention with a blue and orange Mishka hat and an onslaught of beaded necklaces. Waka Flocka wasn’t playing at the time, but it might as well had been – the energy in the room quickly ascended and smashed into the ceiling like the Lex Lugar intro synth. eXquire bounced around the mostly empty room, giving daps to not only his crew but also the sound guy, bartender, and lurking unknowns. Once he made his way over to me, he raised his hand as high as he could for a high five that forced me to jump off the ground and onto his level. Then sperry and I took him to a dimly lit room and asked him stupid questions about nothing in particular.

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