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Kyle Rapps – Latrell [Audio x Download]

Posted on June 19, 2017

“Latrell” is a musical fever dream brought to life by Kyle Rapps’ stream-of-consciousness braggadocio paired with his own cocktail of hazy production. It’s also the latest single from the Mexico-residing rapper/producer’s upcoming project, 'Perverse Ramblings.' For those of you wondering, yes, this track is indeed an homage to one of the NBA’s most controversial players, Latrell Sprewell. He’s also one of Rapps’ favorite players of all time, a sentiment that the artist brings to life through references to Spree’s infamous choking incident in addition to his overall don’t-give-a-f*ck swagger.

“It makes me miss the days when the NBA was edgier and more hardbody,” Rapps says of the track’s inspiration. “Not to take any skills away from Steph Curry or anyone else, but the softer cleaner, pretty boy vibes don’t ride with me as much.

“Latrell was more real, more human—with tragic flaws and measured virtues,” Rapps adds.

Those feelings are at the core of “Latrell,” a quick-fire listen made all the more engaging by the juxtaposition of its vocals and instrumental. Rapps spits with a dead-eyed, seemingly breathless delivery over his own otherwise-summery production. It’s an intriguing pairing, and one that certainly captures Sprewell’s personality.

Give the track a stream, which is now available for stream and download through all major digital retailers, and be on the lookout for the forthcoming release of, 'Perverse Ramblings.'

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TrackBlasters Radio: 12.05.17

Posted on May 12, 2017

Da Fat Friday Afternoon - The Official Soundtrack To Your Weekend

Host: DJ P.R.

New Wiz Khalifa, R-Mean, Kyle Rapps, Mpulse and Tenacity. Happy Friday, ya'll!

Press play and enjoy.

Record Of The Day: R-Mean feat. Lyric Jones & Breana Marin - Overtime


Drake - Passion Fruit
Wiz Khalifa - Passit (Passion Fruit Weedmix)
GoldLink feat. Wale & Radiant Children - SummaTime

**Record Of The Day**
R-Mean feat. Lyric Jones & Breana Marin - Overtime

Kyle Rapps - Eulogy
Mpulse - Broadcaster
Tenacity feat. J57 & DeeJay Element – Get Down
Kendrick Lamar - FEAR.

**DJ CanNikZ's "Dope Trax Str8 From Wax Issue 09" Mix**
Makai – Northstar (Matrix RMX)
Konflict – Obsidian
Konflict & Usual Suspects – Contact
Konflict – Phobia
Spirit – Lost & Found (Tactile Remix)
Cause 4 Concern – Hades
Bad Company UK & Verse – Antrim
Loxy & Keaton – Haters

Download here (right click and save as...)

Kyle Rapps – Eulogy [Audio x Download]

Posted on May 9, 2017

In addition to continuing to flex his chops as a producer, Mexico City-based artist Kyle Rapps is showcasing his ability to blend filthy raps and lyrics addressing social issues on "Eulogy". It’s the latest single off his upcoming and appropriately titled new album, "Perverse Ramblings".

Whereas preceding single "Fiction" was steeped in tales of lust with multiple women, "Eulogy" also features the New Jersey native blurring the lines between topics. Backed by his own electronic-leaning production, Rapps goes all the way in on a relationship that was filled with some of the most graphic sexual moments you can imagine. Seriously, if you can think of something even remotely nasty, it’s probably on here—even the fact that he “used to f*ck her in the water like a hippopotamus.”

The only thing is, there’s also a societal weight that runs throughout the sexuality. And that’s exactly why he sing-songs the following on the all-too-catchy chorus: “This is ain’t a love song, it’s a eulogy/ For all good shi*t we had between you and me/ For all the black kings that had to die stupidly, it’s a eulogy.” You see, Rapps may be a self-proclaimed “dirtbag with a heart of gold,” but there’s another layer here. The overtly sexual nature of the track is more about the way that we screw each other—and how our greater society happens to f*ck certain people more than others.

"Eulogy" is now available through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms, and can be downloaded au-gratis, courtesy of HYPEDDIT. Stay tuned for more leaks off 'Perverse Ramblings,' which is due out later this year!

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Kyle Rapps – Fiction [Audio x Download]

Posted on April 13, 2017

Never one to color inside the genre lines, Mexico City-residing artist Kyle Rapps continues pushing the boundaries of Hip-Hop with his wavy and experimental new single, “Fiction,” which serves as the fist leak off his forthcoming self-produced project, 'Perverse Ramblings.'

Much like his previous single, last summer’s Belief-produced “Michigan,” there’s a catchiness to the madness being spun by Rapps. As he chronicles his sexual exploits over the years—and be prepared, there are many, both good and bad—he also weaves together a sing-along hook where the repeated line of, “Everything is fiction,” is bound to get stuck in listeners’ heads.

But there’s more to “Fiction” than its regaling of tales of dirty deeds. As entertaining as those portions of the track may be, it also boasts clever references to classic shows like 'Perfect Strangers' and 'Seinfeld' amidst reflections on dreams of playing in the NHL. Above all else, this is the first time that Rapps has done more than, well, rap on his own track. He produced the entirety of “Fiction,” which boasts snarling synthesizers and ill percussion—a combination he’s slayed in the past but not one he’s done on his own.

“Fiction” is now available through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms, and can be downloaded au-gratis, courtesy of HYPEDDIT.

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Kyle Rapps – Michigan [Audio]

Posted on June 19, 2016


Over the years, Kyle Rapps has displayed a seemingly innate ability to deftly shift from one sound to the next, all while remaining true to his artistic vision. The dexterous vocalist drives that point home with “Michigan,” the rapper’s latest release. It’s a banger, fueled by an electro-rap bravado that matches the track’s core message of a man who can’t help but lust after any attractive woman he sees—in spite of the fact he has a good woman at home.

Whereas the previously released “Bunker” had more of a paranoia-laced haze to it, “Michigan” is almost surprisingly catchy given its mysterious subject matter. You can thank producer Belief for that, as his floor-stomping beat pushes Rapps to switch up his flow throughout the track. That’s particularly true of the verses, where the Mexico City-residing emcee jumps in and out of the pocket before delivering one of his catchiest hooks to date.

While “Michigan” is a loosie and not affiliated with an upcoming project, it’ll no doubt leave you wondering exactly where Rapps is headed with his next effort. One thing’s for sure, it won’t be like anything we’ve heard before. “Michigan” is now available for stream and download through all major digital retailers.

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Kosha Dillz feat. Kyle Rapps – Chump Change [Audio]

Posted on April 1, 2016


Financially conscious emcees Kosha Dillz and Kyle Rapps discuss the factors of good saving, good spending, and what constitutes large amounts of money. The J 57 boom bap track is suitably titled "Chump change."

This is a a freebie, and a pre-cursor to much more music coming from all three. KD's "What i do all day and Pickle" album comes out late May Early June. Kyle Rapps is currently working on his next project in Mexico City, while J57 is currently being a Brown Bag Al Star in NYC.

Kyle Rapps – Bunker [Audio]

Posted on January 28, 2016


Kyle Rapps delivers a distorted, paranoid new banger for those who keep it 1984, with “Bunker,” produced by NYC’s Dollar Bin.

The track is dedicated to his brother, Ben, who resides in the rapper’s former stomping grounds in New Jersey. And whenever they get together, Rapps (who now resides in Mexico City) walks away with lyrical inspiration in the form of out-there ideas and perspectives, some of which helped shape the Cannibal Ox-reminiscent “Bunker.”

Those thoughts show up in the form of bars like, “You thought it was rap/ I’m an agent transmittin’ from a submarine 55 miles underneath the nautical map.” Rapps also gives a shout out to the Metroid video game franchise, claims that we all have chips under our skin, and potentially gets nabbed before his verse even ends.

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Kyle Rapps – God-Like [Stream]

Posted on September 1, 2015


"God-Like" is the first release for Kyle's upcoming album "Colossus Theory", solely produced by Vulkan the Krusader. The two met in the NYC rap scene a few years back and last year Kyle called upon Vulkan for production on his Mishka sponsored Hefna Gwap collaboration, European Tic Tacs. Vulkan has since made a name for himself as producer for the track "Excuse Me" off A$AP Rocky's latest album "At.Long.Last.A$AP". Look for "Colossus Theory" to drop this fall and to feature Rapp's perverted bassy delivery to accompany Vulkan's signature cinematic style of production. Artwork by Ernesto Ortega.

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