Rapper Big Pooh feat. Phonte – Seinfeld (Go Up) [Audio]

Rapper Big Pooh unveils a song from his vaults with Phonte, “Seinfeld (Go Up)”. The 2010 track was originally intended for Pooh’s “Dirty Pretty Things” project. Says Big Pooh: “I heard Swiff D’s work for the first time when I got put up on to Pac Div. I became a fan instantly. I reached out and got some joints from him because I like to work with dope, upcoming, talented, and just cool ass people. It’s 2010 and I start really finding where I want to go sound wise for my next album and began penning to Swiff D joints. I knocked this one out quick, three short verses telling three separate stories. I needed a hook to make it all make sense, hence the title. It reminded me of the show Seinfeld, didn’t necessarily have to start at episode one, but all the episodes made sense in the grand scheme of the show. I hit Phonte for assistance. A couple of weeks go by and he shoots it back to me. I can’t stop playing this joint. I was doing solo shows and performing this joint, I just knew it was going to be the first single off of Dirty Pretty Things. I wanted people to get a sneak peak and be ready for when it did drop officially. The top of 2011 came and shit changed in a hurry. Little Brother is officially over and me and Tay not even on speaking terms. I put the blinders on

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