Open Space w/ DJ Paul [Video]

DJ Paul is a legend. As one of the founders of legendary Memphis rap collective, Three 6 Mafia, Paul was at the forefront of the Southern rap explosion, laying the groundwork first for trap music and then, decades later, a whole generation of Soundcloud rappers. In the interim, he helped UGK score its biggest hit with “International Players Anthem (I Choose You),” won an Academy Award (for Best Original Song at the 2006 Oscars), and became a bit of a reality television star and a successful cook. This summer, A$AP Ferg flipped Three 6 Mafia’s classic “Slob On My Knob” for his hit, “Plain Jane.” Earlier this month, Paul dropped his most recent mixtape, ‘Underground for Da Summa,’ Vol. 17, a characteristically dark banger boasting features from Jon Connor, Yelawolf and Dave East among others. On a recent swing through New York, the Memphis legend stopped by MASS APPEAL HQ to talk about his music, his influences, the independent hustle and the undeniable power of cocaine for our latest episode of Open Space. As for his legacy? “Any song you name right now that’s on that type of bounce, you probably can’t name a song that doesn’t have an old drum pattern of mine,” he says. He ain’t lying. Ma-ma-ma-mafia!

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