BIA – Sue Meee? (Cardi B Diss) [Audio]

It seems like the tension between rappers Bia and Cardi B is still simmering, even though it looked like things had calmed down.

Let’s break down this classic rap beef initiation: like many others, it seems to have its roots in some sneaky wordplay. But here’s the twist: Cardi B’s verse on “Wanna Be (Remix)” throws some serious shade, and it’s hard to call it subliminal when the rhyme scheme itself spells out BIA’s name! The “IKEA/BIA” play is a pretty clear shot, and it definitely sparked the fire between these two rappers.

In a social media firestorm a few days ago, Cardi B tried to extinguish the flames of the brewing beef with BIA. Cardi revealed a recorded phone call where she confronts BIA about recent accusations of copying. Cardi apparently doesn’t hold back, expressing anger at BIA implying she steals her style. Interestingly, Cardi claims complete disinterest in BIA – “not her music, not her looks, her style” – but then goes on to defend herself with receipts. According to Cardi, the songs BIA claims were copied (including “Like What (Freestyle)” and “Enough”) were actually created before BIA’s own releases. This adds a whole new layer to the drama!tunesharemore_vert

Cardi Throws Shade, But BIA Doesn’t Flinch

Cardi B tried to douse the flames on social media earlier today, but it seems BIA isn’t fazed. In a fiery Instagram Live, BIA unleashed a diss track aimed squarely at Cardi. The opening itself throws shade: an automated message stating “this call may be recorded” mocks Cardi’s decision to record their phone call.

The track itself is a no-holds-barred assault. BIA takes aim at Cardi’s rapping skills, suggesting she struggles with timing. She throws jabs at Cardi’s cosmetic procedures and even references the drama with Cardi’s husband. Looks like this rap beef is just getting heated up!

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