UFO Fev – Fast Life [Audio]

UFO Fev comes through with “Fast Life”, the first single from his next album, “Strapped”.

31 years ago, Fredro Starr secured his first major role as Bamboo in the film “Strapped”. Directed by Forest Whitaker, the movie captured the essence of early 90s New York across various locations, including the Thomas Jefferson Houses.

In one poignant scene, a young child and his grandmother observed Fredro Starr traversing their neighborhood, immortalizing the moment on film as the child stood in the park, mesmerized.

Fast forward to 2024, that same child, now grown, is known as Jefferson’s own UFO Fev. Endorsed by Black Rob and associated with Bronx Legend Fat Joe, UFO Fev has forged his own path in the music industry, reconnecting with Fredro Starr, who was behind the camera on that August day.

UFO Fev’s forthcoming album, “Strapped”, entirely produced by Fredro Starr, mirrors the rawness of the film. The seamless blend of lyrics and sharp production renders the project cohesive and thoroughly enjoyable.

Listen to the debut single “Fast Life” below.

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