Lupe Fiasco – Indio [Audio]

Lupe Fiasco is back with new music.

Lupe has been making waves with his remarks about Kendrick Lamar not reaching the upper echelon of lyricists. While many interpret his stance as stemming from bitterness, those who track Lupe’s career closely understand that he’s simply voicing his perspective. Moreover, he acknowledges talent where he sees it.

Just a week ago, he released a track titled “LLC” and took the stage at Coachella, reiterating his willingness to engage in rap battles. Now, he surprises us with another song titled “Indio”, available for listening below. In case you didn’t catch it, during his Coachella performance over the weekend, Lupe revealed that his long-awaited album, “Samurai”, is set for release in the summer—a moment fans have eagerly awaited.

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