Reuben Vincent – General Admission [EP]

Reuben Vincent returns with his latest EP, “General Admission”, now accessible through Jamla Records/Roc Nation.

In “General Admission”, Reuben exhibits his introspective side, skillfully blending wordplay, consciousness, and confidence, characteristic of his style. Through this project, Vincent delves into themes of generational trauma and triumph, self-discovery, success, adversity, and personal development, set against a diverse musical backdrop of soulful, southern, and tribal influences.

“The reason behind the title General Admission is, since building up my brand identity, when I go out a lot of people call me “Third World General,’ when they see me, which lead me to play off General Admission; with admission meaning ticket, but also a statement of acknowledging the truth of something” Reuben offers. “With the EP, my goal was to capture my mental state. With this career of mine, I have the premonition that I am going to break generational curses—and bring generational wealth. Though that’s the underlying tone of these songs, on the surface, it’s aggressive; ambitious, and assertive; and 75% high-energy records. I speak on my city, my upbringing, family ties, my cousins, beating depression, and generational wealth.”

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