Real Bad Man & Lukah – Temple Needs Water. Village Needs Peace. [Album Stream]

Real Bad Man and Lukah joint forces for a new LP titled “Temple Needs Water. Village Needs Peace.”.

“Temple’s Thirst, Village’s Craving” embarks on a philosophical journey delving into community essence, spirituality, and transformation. This collaborative 15-track endeavor by producer Real Bad Man and Memphis rapper Lukah contemplates unity, leadership, sacrifice, and rebirth. Featuring billy woods (Armand Hammer), Adrian Utley (Portishead), and Shabaka Hutchings, the album traverses personal and spiritual triumphs, exploring the dichotomy of knowledge, unseen forces, and life’s cyclical rhythm. It muses on growth, resilience, ancestral wisdom, and the transformative potency of language, culminating in a celebration of inner peace and communal accord. With intricate beats and introspective verses, this album emerges as a captivating auditory experience of the year.

Press play below and cop a copy on Bandcamp, if you like what you hear.

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