Marv Won feat. Quelle Chris – Good Thangs [Audio]

Marv Won taps Quelle Chris for his new offering, “Good Thangs”.

The artistry shines through a blend of drums, piano, and bass guitar, crafting an auditory experience that feels like a voyage from the depths of darkness to the first light of dawn. Marv Won beautifully orchestrates a narrative of resilience, guiding listeners through a transformation from enduring life’s hardships to savoring its most luminous moments. Amidst this journey, the song subtly reminds us of the virtue of humility, cautioning against the pitfalls of greed and encouraging us to keep our heads held high in adversity. With Quelle Chris lending his talents, the track becomes a piece of the collective heartbeat, one of those rare finds that sticks with you, making it a true diamond in the rough of this project.

The song will appear on Marv’s upcoming album, “I’m Fine, Thanks For Asking”, dropping April 5.

Press play below.

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