Skyzoo & The Other Guys – The Mind Of A Saint (Deluxe) [Album Stream]

Skyzoo and The Other Guys have released a deluxe edition of their 2023 LP, “The Mind Of A Saint“.

Skyzoo and The Other Guys delve into the psyche of Franklin Saint – the protagonist of FX’s hit series “Snowfall”. The series chronicles the rise of the crack cocaine epidemic in 1980s Los Angeles. “The Mind Of A Saint” concept album, released just before Snowfall’s final season, explores Franklin’s inner thoughts. Season six proved disastrous for Franklin, and the album reflects this with its darker tone. Following the show’s conclusion, Skyzoo and The Other Guys returned to the studio to provide closure for Franklin’s story. This deluxe edition of “The Mind Of A Saint” is the culmination of that effort. Mirroring the show’s descent, the new tracks progressively grow bleaker, leading to a somber finale with the addition of seven songs.

Take a listen below.

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