Watch Butcher Brown’s Tiny Desk Concert [Video]

The scorching and funky tunes that Butcher Brown delivered at Tiny Desk were immediately captivating.

What exactly is “solar music”? It’s the band’s way of encapsulating the diverse range of musical influences that shape their sound – essentially, it encompasses everything imaginable. The audience at this Tiny Desk Concert was completely enthralled, with plenty of expressions of sheer enjoyment evident on their faces.

Emerging from Richmond, VA, a city renowned for bestowing upon the world musical luminaries such as D’Angelo, Lonnie Liston Smith, and the eccentricity of Gwar, Butcher Brown has cultivated a unique blend of psychedelic jazz funk infused with a hip-hop flair. Their latest album, Solar Music, exemplifies this fusion and underscores why the band garners praise from “jazz aficionados, the rap community, the indie scene, and beyond,” as noted by drummer Corey Fonville.

The band’s collective musical prowess shines brightly throughout the album, particularly on tracks like the irresistibly groovy “No Way Around It”, the atmospheric interlude “Fohbliv”, and head-nodding tunes such as “DYKWYD” and “I Can Say to You”. Butcher Brown consistently delivers an electrifying musical experience with each endeavor.

Watch the footage below.

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