Cash Lansky – No Heart In The Art [Audio]

Tucson, Arizona rapper Cash Lansky is back in action with his new drop, “No Heart In The Art”.

“No Heart In The Art” stands out in today’s musical landscape as a potent declaration of authenticity. Produced by the adept hands of T-Wade and Mario Luciano, the track melds haunting vocals with deep bass and sharp drums, showcasing Lansky’s unwavering commitment to innovation. Lansky describes the song as a deeply introspective journey, urging artists to remain true to their visions despite challenges. More than music, it’s a manifesto for artistic integrity, now streaming across platforms, inviting listeners to a profound experience beyond mere sound. In a world awash with fleeting trends, Lansky’s single is a bold reminder of the enduring value of genuine artistry.

The song serves as the first single off of Lansky’s upcoming poject, “Man Of The House”, due April 26.

Hit play below.

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