Amerigo Gazaway & DJ DN³ – Radical Dreamers [Album Stream]

Amerigo Gazaway has linked up with DJ DN³ on his new rap album, “Radical Dreamers”.

The 12-track effort sparks the fire of radical pursuit and captures the very essence of fearlessly chasing one’s dreams.

Titled after the treasure-seeking bandits in the game “Chrono Cross”, this album seamlessly blends melodic hip-hop beats, sharp lyricism, the allure of gaming, and a deep yearning to achieve one’s aspirations. Featuring collaborations with Mega Ran and SkyBlew, the album is a harmonious fusion that appeals to hip hop enthusiasts, gamers, and retro JRPG lovers alike.

“Creating ‘Radical Dreamers’ has been a dream in itself, and DN3 has provided the perfect soundtrack for me to channel my innermost thoughts and aspirations. This album represents a fusion of my love for gaming and hip-hop, and it’s a tribute to those who dare to dream radically.” – Amerigo Gazaway

“Linking up with one of the most accomplished remix artists in Hip-Hop was such an amazing thing for me. Amerigo’s expressions, ear, and passion for that classic sound are what Hip-Hop and gaming fans, like myself, have been waiting for.” – DJ DN³

In “Radical Dreamers”, Amerigo Gazaway and DJ DN³ present an album that champions the courage to dream and advocates for a radical pursuit of those dreams. It not only sparks the passion for relentless dream-chasing, but also encourages listeners to embrace the potency of imagination and creative exploration. This musical gem interweaves jazzy hip-hop beats, gaming nostalgia, and profound introspection, urging listeners to seize their dreams, embrace change, and embark on timeless adventures.

Press play below and cop a copy on Bandcamp, if you like what you hear.

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