Homeboy Sandman – Banned In The USA [Audio]

Brooklyn emcee Homeboy Sandman is back in action with his brand new offering, “Banned In The USA”.

Says HS:

In 1990 The 2 Live Crew was banned for being too vulgar. 33 years later Boy Sand is banned for not being vulgar enough. Very bugged out. The beautiful song I’m rapping over is called “The End of Love” by Dominic Frontiere. “Banned in the USA” is the third single from my upcoming “I Can’t Sell These Either” mixtape, due out November 17th.

Check out “Banned In The USA” below and head over to Bandcamp for a (name your price) download. Oh, and I’ve also included the previously released “Therapy (Truth Hurts Remix)” at the bottom.

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