Sheek Louch – Gorillaween 5 [EP]

Sheek Louch continues his Halloween tradition by releasing the fifth edition of his “Gorillaween” series.

The 8-track collection comprises songs like “Lick Da Baggy”, “So Sick”, “Time To Be Alive”, “So Say That”, and “Self Checkout”. Raekwon and Dyce Payne collaborate with Sheek on the track “Body Rock”, while Tony Moxberg makes a guest appearance on “News 11”, and Dyce Payne rejoins for the song “Look At Me Now”.

Sheek initiated the Halloween-inspired project in 2015 with his first release, and he subsequently continued the tradition with “Gorillaween 2” (2019), “Gorillaween 3” (2020), and “Gorillaween 4” (2022).

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