Raw Poetic – Away Back In [Album Stream]

Raw Poetic, the duo of emcee/lyricist Jason Moore and guitarist P-Fritz (aka Patrick Fritz), are back with their new album, “Away Back In”.

“Away Back In” stands as a remarkable amalgamation of hip-hop, jazz, and garage rock, skillfully brought together through the adept drum programming and production of their frequent collaborator, Damu The Fudgemunk. Emerging from a group that deliberately avoids the limelight, yet consistently resides in the thoughts of their audience, Away Back In takes on the persona of a dialogue between long-standing companions. The leading track, “Ease Side,” revitalizes and reinvigorates the jazz components seen in the duo’s recent creations. P-Fritz’s mellifluous guitar melodies and resonant basslines establish the core, providing a solid groundwork for Raw Poetic to delve into the intricacies of an untroubled relationship’s emotions.

Stream the 11-track effort below and pick up a copy on Bandcamp, if you like what you hear.

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