RZA Debuts Exclusive New Wu-Tang Clan Track “Claudine” [Video]

RZA premiered a special and unreleased Wu-Tang Clan song called “Claudine” on Sway In The Morning.

The timing of “Claudine’s” premiere aligned perfectly with the conclusion of The Saga Continues Contest, amplifying the excitement and anticipation among fans. The contest, which pays tribute to the Wu-Tang Clan’s remarkable legacy and influence, has been an exhilarating adventure for their dedicated fanbase. Therefore, the introduction of the new track serves as a fitting climax to this journey.

True to the essence of Wu-Tang Clan, “Claudine” encapsulates their signature style of being unfiltered, authentic, and groundbreaking. The lyrics of the song delve deep into the personal experiences and challenges that have shaped the group members, striking a chord with listeners who have closely followed their evolution from the streets of Staten Island to worldwide fame.

Hit play below.

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