Ransom & Nicholas Craven – Body Of Lies [Audio]

Ransom and Nicholas Craven are officially back in action with their brand new single, “Body Of Lies”.

In March 2020, during the early stages of the pandemic, Ran and Craven began an incredible streak of five projects with the debut of “Director’s Cut“. This EP consisted of four tracks that showcased exceptional lyrical skills set against a backdrop reminiscent of a movie score. Only a month later, they followed up with “DC: Scene Two“, which included six more outstanding tracks. In August, they concluded the trilogy with “DC: Scene Three“. Just when we believed their run was finished, the duo exceeded expectations by releasing not one, but two additional projects. They unveiled “Deleted Scenes” in November and “Crime Scenes” in December 2020, raising the bar even higher.

Skipping ahead to May of the current year, Ran and Nic joined forces once again for a fourth volume, which can be found exclusively on Even.biz with the option to choose your own price.

And if that wasn’t sufficient, Ran and Nic wasted no time and released another single called “Body of Lies”.

Feel free to listen to it by pressing the play button below.

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