SkyBlew & Scottie Royal – Sapphire Rubies [Video]

SkyBlew and Scottie Royal link up for a new song called “Sapphire Rubies” and an accompanying music video.

 Check it out below.

As young musicians, Cesttoi & Airom had always been on the lookout for new inspiration to fuel their music. One day, they stumbled upon a mysterious collection of rubies and sapphire diamonds that seemed to have magical properties. Whenever they held the diamonds, they could hear Angelic music emanating from them. Cesttoi and Airom didn’t know why, but they felt compelled to take them back to the studio and start creating music…The moment they started to create music with the diamonds, something strange happened.. It’s as if something had taken over them; the music they created was unlike anything they had ever heard before! It was beautiful and insightful, but there was something otherworldly about it. Cesttoi and Airom didn’t know what it meant, but they couldn’t stop playing with the diamonds…As they continued to create music, they began to notice something else strange. Whenever people listened to their music, they felt uplifted, inspired & purified.. Whatever may have been affecting the person previously, was instantly forgotten. It was as though the music was affecting them in ways that they couldn’t explain. But Cesttoi & Airom also noticed that there were some people who seemed to be affected negatively. These people would instantly begin to emanate an evil aura when they listened to the music. Cesttoi and Airom didn’t know why, but they knew they had to be careful…One night after a successful concert, a mysterious woman approached Cesttoi & Airom.. They could sense a divine, radiant aura, which encompassed her. She began to reveal the truth about the diamonds. She knew how the diamonds were created, who created them and why they were sent here to Earth.. These mystic diamonds served a higher purpose – this was of course a good thing, but she begins to share that there’s some VERY immoral, wicked “people” who are out to capture these diamonds.. BY ANY MEANS! Now the musicians are faced with a troubling dilemma, and must solve the mystery they’ve been presented with. | Will Cesttoi and Airom be able to keep the diamonds safe, while using its power to create beautiful music, and inspire/heal as many as possible? Or will these cryptic evil beings succeed in taking them away?? What other secrets and powers do the diamonds hold??? 👀🔎🧠💎✨
🎨⛅ -Paint The Sky,Blew!!! 🎨⛅

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