Ambré – Who’s Loving You? [EP]

Grammy-winning artist Ambré unveils her newest EP titled “Who’s Loving You?”.

Ambré reflected on her latest project, “Who’s Loving You?” and shared, “It’s a question I’m exploring both personally and with the audience. I wanted to capture the emotions and sensations of being loved—how it feels and sounds. The creative process for this project was liberating and unrestricted. I approached it with a sense of playfulness and vulnerability. My intention was to create something that embodies the essence of ‘b-sides’ or ‘deep cuts,’ almost like a mixtape. It was a natural and effortless endeavor, building upon the foundation laid by my previous work, ‘3000°’.”

“Who’s Loving You?” is a five-song EP that kicks off with the single “Drake And Drive” and includes a guest appearance by Mack Keane. You can now stream the EP below.

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