DJ CLIF feat. Jake Palumbo – Billionaires Wear Skechers [Video]

DJ CLIF drops a matching set of visuals for the Jake Palumbo-guested “Billionaires Wear Skechers”.

Paris, France and Brooklyn, New York unite in a notable global incident referred to as “Billionaires Wear Skechers”, which is a track featured on the latest compilation LP “US Connexion 2” by French producer DJ CLIF. The song showcases the dynamic collaboration between DJ CLIF and Jake Palumbo, the founder of SpaceLAB Recordings, who brings his intense and energetic rap verses to the forefront.

Despite being skilled in production himself, Jake Palumbo steps away from his role behind the boards and expresses his frustrations through powerful vocals. DJ CLIF complements Palumbo’s performance with a raw and uncompromising instrumental, skillfully crafted with piano stabs and meticulously produced breakbeat drums using his MPC2000XL.

In the song’s introduction, Palumbo boldly declares himself as “a f***ng mess” and proceeds to deliver 32 biting and sarcastic bars, capturing a stream-of-consciousness style, along with a catchy hook before exiting the track. DJ CLIF concludes the song with an impressive freestyle scratch solo, taking the listener on an exhilarating musical journey.

“US Connexion 2” can be purchased on CD and Vinyl through DJ CLIF’s Bandcamp page. The album includes notable collaborations with Termanology, Mic Handz, Illa Ghee, Dro Pesci, and numerous other artists.

Check out the official video for “Billionaires Wear Skechers” below.

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