Icewear Vezzo – Back On Road [Video]

Icewear Vezzo is preparing to release his 16th project, titled “Live From The 6”, as a homage to the place that shaped him.

Today, he unveils his first solo music video of 2023, “Back On Road”, which is part of his upcoming project. In the video, Vezzo showcases his roots in the 6 Mile area alongside his colleagues from Iced Up Records, while sporting Gallery Dept. clothing and proudly displaying his collection of luxury cars. With a backdrop of eerie synthesizers and a somber piano melody, Detroit’s beloved artist compresses a wealth of life experience into a single verse. He draws comparisons between himself and his idols such as Gucci Mane and Lil Wayne, emphasizing his tireless work ethic with lyrics like “I’ll continue hustling until I’m 50, I adore this lifestyle. I disdain weak individuals, not fond of rappers, I prefer the gritty reality and luxury.”

Watch the clip below.

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