Open Mike Eagle – 79th And Stony Island [Video]

Open Mike Eagle revisits 2022’s “Component System With The Auto Reverse” LP with a visual for “79th And Stony Island”.

When I first heard this beat from Quelle Chris, I cried a little because it made me think about rap music saving my life on the southside of Chicago. When Nikolas Xarles Gamarra heard this song, he offered to shoot some footage of the corner of 79th and Stony Island and other beautiful places on the south side of Chicago. His footage is stunning. My frequent co-conspirator Ryan Calavano edited the footage and delicately added the lyrics from the song. The combination feels like the opening to a show I want to watch and likely starred in another life. I’m releasing this in celebration of the release of the standard edition of “Component System with the Auto Reverse“.

Watch the clip below.

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