Apollo Brown – Kite Strings [Video]

Apollo Brown keeps promoting his dope new solo album “This Must Be The Place” with a video for “Kite Strings”.

A master of melancholic productions, Brown pairs cavernous drums and striking metallic hi-hats with spooky choral vocals and shimmering keys on “Kite Strings”. The result is dark and fantastical with glimmers of joy, an artful encapsulation of the fall that could double as the score to a Ray Bradbury adaptation. Directed by Uzair Ahmad, the spooky animated video moves between ultra-modern and alien worlds via flashes and streams of vibrant colors and psychedelic patterns, a pair of disembodied hands orchestrating the journey. It’s a visual metaphor for “This Must Be The Place“, where Brown sonically guides listeners to uncharted sonic territory. Watch the video, play the album, and take a trip.

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