Mount Westmore – Bad MFs [Album]

Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, E-40 and Too Short are Mount Westmore.

“You know what it is. Mount Westmore — you got the four pillars of West Coast hip-hop. We are down with Gala Music. We are coming out with that Mount Westmore ‘Bad MFs’ album. There is going to be new music, new experiences, shows, everything that the Westmore got, baby, you gonna get it. Fuck with us June 7,” said Ice Cube at the Galaverse, Gala’s annual event which is currently happening in Malta.

Just as promised, the four California veterans have now released their debut album, “Bad MFs”, which will be available exclusively on Gala Music before it is released on DSPs to the general public.


  • 01. “California”
  • 02. “Mount Westmore Pt.1”
  • 03. “Ghetto Gutter”
  • 04. “Sinister Slap”
  • 05. “Activated”
  • 06. “Too Big”
  • 07. “Tribal”
  • 08. “Aim Squeeze Bust”
  • 09. “Bad MFs”
  • 10. “Big Sub Woofer”
  • 11. “Free Game”
  • 12. “Lace You Up”
  • 13. “Have A Nice Day (F*ck You)”
  • 14. “I Quit”

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