Frank Nitt feat. Joz B – Rhymesayers [Video]

Detroit representative and J Dilla affiliate Frank Nitt returns with “Rhymesayers”, the first single from his upcoming LP, “Serene OG”.

Produced by King Michael Coy, “Rhymesayers” is driven by the impressive drum programming and full bass notes provided by Coy. Nitt and Joz both fit perfectly in the landscape with ever-changing flows and wordplay. “Rhymesayers” gives a heavy head nod to the MCs of old that were considered ghetto news reporters. “They had the job of reporting all sides of life from the party to the pulpit” says Nitt. As an extra bit of intrigue, Joz B is Frank Nitt’s son and “Rhymesayers” is being released on Nitt’s father’s birthday!

Watch the music video for “Rhymesayers” below.

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