Gang Starr – Glowing Mic [Audio]

Gang Starr returns with “Glowing Mic”, which is a new take on the song “Mr. Gang Starr”.

“Since the song ‘Mr. Gang Starr’ was previously released after we hadn’t worked together in so long, I noticed the multitrack session said ‘Mr. Gang Starr (Original Version),’” DJ Premier said to Rolling Stone. “The lyrics and the hook are totally different so I gravitated to it and I didn’t want to use the same title and confuse people. My search for scratch ideas landed me across a song I produced for Torae (‘For the Record’) in 2011. The line says ‘I destroy the mic for my glow.’ Instantly ‘Glowing Mic’ became the title simply from hearing that line.”

The song is included as a bonus track on the newly released instrumental version of Gang Starr’s 2019 album, “One Of The Best Yet“. Press play below.

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