Von Pea – One Day For Day Ones [Album Stream]

Tanya Morgan’s Von Pea hits us with his new instrumental project, “One Day For Day Ones”.

Ive been meaning to do this for years…but I’d always get cold feet for some reason. I found a happy medium: This is releasing for one day. Its a double album of instrumentals to some of my most well known songs and some of my personal favorites. My Birthday is 11/11 and I was going to drop it for that one day (22 beats, 11 each ‘album’, 11 and 11…and one is in the title twice…oooOOOOoooOOO so clever someone give this man a cookie) but I’m gonna go with the Friday before Instead because ITS BANDCAMP FRIDAY WOOOOO. This will be taken down from this page on Saturday November 7th. Thank you in advance for supporting this project and I hope one of your favorites made the tracklist.

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